Writing a check hsbc uk personal banking

Now more and more people prefer to access their banking services through banking apps. As more branches close and mobile banking is on the rise and we are being compelled to interact with our banks in a different way. Smartphones and banking apps have changed the way of banking.

Writing a check hsbc uk personal banking

Anna Meisel and Peter Oborne reveal how the decision was made. The letter informed him that his bank account was to be closed. Kozbar says that there had been no previous issues between the mosque and HSBC and that he "couldn't understand" what had happened.

Other HSBC clients who suddenly fell outside the bank's "risk appetite" included the Cordoba Foundation, a think tank which says that it specialises in building relations between the Muslim world and the West.

Anas Altikriti, the foundation's chief executive, had banked with HSBC ever since he had been a university student 30 years ago. His personal bank account was closed, along with his wife's and his two teenage children. Once again there was no right of appeal. About the author Peter Oborne is is the associate editor of the Spectator.

When we started to investigate we ran up against a wall of silence.

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HSBC refuses to discuss the bank account closures. But we learned about World-Check, a confidential database writing a check hsbc uk personal banking by the financial information giant Thomson Reuters. World-Check is used by 49 out of the largest 50 banks in the world to help them judge who to take on, or to retain, as clients.

To avoid this, the banks rely heavily on databases like World-Check. Journalists cannot get access to it but one of their clients - who had strong reservations about the software - let us in.

When we obtained access to the database, the word "terrorism" came up in dark red, directly above the name of the Cordoba Foundation. One of the smaller Gulf states, the UAE has itself been the centre of money-laundering allegations. It has been criticised for human rights abuses, including torture.

It brands certain political opponents - including the Muslim Brotherhood - as terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A Muslim Brotherhood supporter holds a placard showing ousted president Mohamed Morsi The Muslim Brotherhood is an incredibly complex movement which manifests itself in different ways in different places - it is not a single uniform body, writes Dominic Casciani.

Islamism, the idea that society and politics should be entirely organised according to the teachings of Islam, is at the heart of its ideology. In Egypt, where it was founded, and Saudi Arabia, it is banned as a terrorist organisation - something its supporters say is unjust.

Its core strategy - of mixing charitable work with political activism, has influenced the approach of many comparable Islamist groups around the world. There are a string of groups operating legally in the UK that are part of the movement, even though they don't often explicitly describe themselves as being part of the Brotherhood.

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Some individuals involved in these groups have been accused of extremism - such as supporting suicide attacks by Palestinians against Israel - and many have been involved in mainstream political campaigning.

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a review of the Brotherhood in but its findings have still not been published.

writing a check hsbc uk personal banking

Anas Altikriti is one of the most prominent Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Britain. His father was one of the leaders of the Brotherhood in Iraq. The World-Check website contained several strong disclaimers, and stressed that the "accuracy of the information found in the underlying media sources should be verified with the profile subject before any action is taken".

Furthermore, World-Check stressed that the decision to open or close accounts lay with the banks. World-Check also listed Finsbury Park Mosque under the category "terrorism".

In the case of the mosque, World-Check dealt in detail with the period when it was under the control of Abu Hamza, an al-Qaeda-sympathising cleric with proven links to terrorism.

However, a new management committee, led by Mohammed Kozbar and with the tacit approval of the Metropolitan Police, took over the running of the mosque a decade ago. There have been no further suggestions of terrorist involvement.

Though this information was included by World-Check, it took careful reading to get to it. World-Check's profiles are created from publicly available information of the kind that anyone can access. However it is not clear that banks can always reach an informed decision about clients based on the World-Check information.

Questions also surround World-Check sources. On examination of the website, we discovered information from Wikipedia as well as blogs for instance Muslim Brotherhood Watch and the news agency WAM, which is close to the UAE government. If blog content appears, it is only as a supporting source for that secondary information, and is clearly identified as such.

Sawalha is believed to be one of the most senior Muslim Brotherhood figures in Britain.1 To qualify for an HSBC Premier relationship, you need to open an HSBC Premier checking account and maintain balances of $, in combined U.S.

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