Writers should be punished for publishing fake news

Pinterest Illustration by Ben Jennings It begins with a skilfully crafted and graphic account of the night of the fire, containing more details about the victims and rescue effort — who left the building and when, which families became separated, who was saved by firefighters and from where — than have appeared elsewhere.

Writers should be punished for publishing fake news

Keep in mind that writers who are now famous were not always famous, and at some point they, too, had to ask someone for a promotional quote.

Join trade organizations in your genre. Take classes with writers in your genre. Make a wishlist of endorsers. The best potential endorsers: Your agent and editor both have lots of connections.

If you know any professionals in the publishing industry, ask them for recommendations as to whom you might approach. Make friends on social media. Ask nicely in a well-composed, personal email. Briefly offer the details about your book: Explain why you think the author in question is a kindred spirit who might like your book.

Possible reasons could be: Give the author a deadline for the potential endorsement, but offer as big a timeline as possible. Let the author know where the blurb will be used.

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Will it be on your book cover, your author websiteor both? Book Endorsement Etiquette Generally speaking, you should never have to pay for a book endorsement.

Also, if you ask for a book blurb and an author gives you one, be sure to use it. Check with your publisher in advance to confirm that the publisher is willing to put a quote by your potential endorser on the book or website.

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The worst thing you can do after you get an endorsement is not use it. You might even want to send a thank-you gift.

Pay the favor forward and graciously agree to write a book blurb. Do book quotes, blurbs, and endorsements by famous authors help you decide which books to read?Did a major publishing firm waste seven figures on Unhinged, Omarosa Manigault’s fake book?

Writers should be punished for publishing fake news

A parody tweet featuring a faked except from Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury book created the Gorilla Channel meme as media types quickly fell for the idea that President Trump spent 17 hours a day watching an imaginary cable channel where gorillas fight each other.

In design, a byline is a short phrase that indicates the name of the author of an article in a publication. Used in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other publications, the byline tells .

Both the history and language of the First Amendment support the view that the press must be left free to publish news, whatever the source, without censorship, injunctions, or prior restraints.

Facebook, in his view, should treat fake news in the same way that email providers treat spam. “We keep getting spam in email and yet we are able to stop it. How to get a quote, endorsement, or book blurb from a famous author for your book or novel. Learn to request a promotional quote from a writer.

Facebook is taking another step toward clearing so-called fake news from the social network: Beginning Monday, it will block Pages that share fake news from advertising on Facebook at all.

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