The health and social care nursing essay

Identify the measuring techniques and relate them to your health and social care work place these include: Then conclude by stating how far you are in agreement to using these technique to monitor change in the organization. LO1 Understand the factors that drive change in health and social care services 1. Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services 1.

The health and social care nursing essay

Volume 5, Issue 6 Nov. Health and social care profession is one of the most common professions in contemporary Britain.

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Over the years, there have been developments in the profession with more recognition to its status and more people getting into the work force. One major change to the profession is the creation of professional organisations which seems to protect and add more value to the profession.

These professional organisations lay down ethical standards that professionals have to abide to in order to practice ethically. Some approaches to the ethical standards are normative that is, they present standard of right or good actionothers are descriptive that is, they report what people believe and how they actand still others analyze the concepts and methods of ethics Beauchamp and Childress The morally prescribed behaviour i.

A theory of obligation is also a normative ethical theory because it presents rules of right and wrong conducts that apply to everyone.

Introduction The field of ethics is a philosophical discipline concerned with the morality of human behaviour, with right and wrong. Some ethical theories present arguments about what is most valuable in life.

A second type of ethical theory, known as a theory of obligation, presents arguments that particular behaviours are morally wrong i. Ethics has to do with a wide range of questions about what is good, right, and virtuous and with questions of value.

This includes professional ethics, clinical ethics, virtue ethics social ethics, cultural ethics and theoretical ethics i.

Singer, Before trying to understand these intertwined dimensions of ethics related to health and social care, first what is ethics? There are about as many definitions of ethics as there are ethicists.

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Nevertheless, the definitions tend to share certain features. Pojman provides a definition of ethics that merits our close attention: It undertakes to analyze such concepts as 'right,' 'wrong,' 'permissible,' 'ought,' 'good,' and 'evil' in their normal context. Ethics seeks to establish principles of right behaviour that may serve as action guides for individuals and groups.

It investigates which values and virtues are paramount to the worthwhile life or to society. The health and social care industry is currently one of UK's largest employers. Similarly, professional codes provide normative ethical expectations that apply equally to all members of a profession Ford, This component of an ethical theory is referred to as metaethical.

Metaethical arguments explains were those specific ethical duties come from and those ethical duties are sufficiently meaningful that everyone is www.

The relation of ethical normative to metaethical considerations is illustrated by the distinction between the specific duties presented in the ethical code of a health and social care profession and the underlying ethical principles that provide the philosophical justification for those specific duties.

When people ask why confidentiality is such an important professional ethical duty, they are addressing the rational i. Their personal likes and dislikes, along with their attitudes and beliefs about a multitude of issues in life, are also personal values that influence their perception of people and situations.

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To act on the basis of personal preferences or cultural biases, rather than be guided by objective, well-reasoned principles would be to behave arbitrarily rather than scientifically and would involve a very significant risk of acting unethically Kitchener, ; Ford, In recent years, all health and social care professions are now beginning to acknowledge the pervasive influence of cultural values on the personal and professional values of health and social care professionals e.

Professionals' personal values also influence their view of human motivation and human behaviour, thereby affecting their choice of theoretical orientation in their professional activities. The ethical standards for a profession are generally developed by the dominant professional organisation.

For example, the American Medical Association for the practice of medicine established the ethical code for the medical profession, the American Counselling Association ACA for counselling, and the American Psychological Association APA for the practice of psychology. Each of the mental health profession for instance i.

The creation of an ethical code can be viewed as a significant step in the development of a profession.

The health and social care nursing essay

As the profession begins to establish itself as an important contributor to society, practitioners experience an increasing need to clarify their sense of professional identity by distinguishing themselves from those practicing other professions and occupation.

The establishment of an ethical code is a way of communicating to students and practitioners of the profession the basic principles, ideals and interests of the profession.

The health and social care nursing essay

Also, as a profession becomes larger, with more practitioners operating in increasingly diverse employment contexts, the frequency of questions and problems relating to ethical matters inevitably increases.Health and Social Care.

The following essay or dissertation on the topic of health and social care has been submitted by a student so that it may help you with your research work and dissertation help. Care In Nursing Practice Health And Social Care Essay Ethical issues occur when moral and health practices do not correspond between health care providers' ideals and the patient's own wishes.

Duffy et al (), states that to become culturally competent requires careful reflection on one's own values, attitudes and perspectives as well as knowledge of another's culture.

Various health and social care questions Please answer questions 1,2, 4 and 5. each question should be words. i have attached the questions and the guidelines. In this essay the author will rationalize the relevance of professional, ethical and legal regulations in the practice of nursing.

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The author will discuss and analyze the chosen scenario and critically review the action taken in the expense of the patient and the care workers.

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