Students living at home and living

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Students living at home and living

Amanda Reaume In the stereotypical college experience, your parents drop you off at your dorm. Maybe your mom cries a little and your dad hugs you a second too long before saying goodbye.

After that, they leave you to navigate the joys and challenges of college life on your own. Living on campus is thought to be a critical step in the process of growing up, so one would think that living at home means giving up a part of the college experience.

But living at home while in college might just be one of the best decisions you make. Sage Singleton, 25, graduated in from Westminster College in Utah and had it both ways. She lived with her parents freshman year before moving closer to campus with friends for sophomore year.

While she enjoyed the experience of living on her own, she was back in her childhood bedroom for her final two years of college.

Saving money is just one of the many reasons it might make sense for you to live at home during college. Here are some of the other benefits, as well as some drawbacks, of living at home in college.

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The Benefits While not having to brave the mystery meat you'll likely encounter in a college cafeteria is one benefit of living at home, it's not the only one. After living on campus, Singleton felt that living at home better suited her personality and work habits. It's a decision that she's still glad she made, because it also helped her graduate without student loan debt.

Students living at home and living

She decided to do so because she wasn't sure what she wanted to study when she first started school and knew it might take her extra time to finish her degree. Oswald also found that living further away from the college crowd meant that she was able to get a better part-time job because she wasn't competing with all of the college students.

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Other benefits of living at home in college include having the support of your family and not having to share your room. Many students also live at home for the first two years while attending a community college to earn credits and save money before moving to their dream school.

It's harder to stay involved in campus life when you're not there all the time. There were a lot of things that Singleton enjoyed about living on campus sophomore year. Is Living at Home Right for You? Whether living at home in college is right for you is a personal decision that depends on things like your financial situation, the proximity to your college, your relationship with your parents and your ideal college experience.

You can also do what Singleton did and try both. If you do decide to live at home, it's important to negotiate your relationship with your parents.

After all, you're no longer in high school but your parents might have a hard time making that mental shift.

Students living at home and living

Singleton encourages students to openly discuss this with their parents. Singleton suggests you revisit the conversation each semester to set new boundaries. After all, they enjoyed their college years and are still enjoying the benefits of having less student loan debt than their peers.

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This is a revision of the guidance issued earlier. A student who is living at home for purely financial or other necessary reasons may require different things from parents than a student who has opted to live at home largely for the closeness and support of family members. is an evangelism resource and training site that helps Christians share their faith (evangelism) effectively, biblically–the way Jesus did.

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