Sony bravia marketing strategy

The Problem The enduring problem with a TV advertisement for a TV set is that you cannot really show the superiority of the images it generates. After all, the image the viewer receives is the image conveyed to her by the set she already has, not the one you want to sell her.

Sony bravia marketing strategy

The macro-environment section sets the context of the Australian environment with references to the dynamic economic, technological and legislative circumstances as well as addressing the ongoing socio-cultural and environmental developments.

The micro-environment component of the report hones in on the importance of managing long term relationships with relevant stakeholders and highlighting the importance of customer satisfaction. Economic The challenges that Sony face in the current economic environment are comparable to that of the Great Recession of This was evident from a large fall in consumer confidence of 4.

Sony bravia marketing strategy

However, Elinav and Carey note that with the plethora of media viewing devices, TV has been utilised to the same extent as before but viewing patterns have changed.

For example, it is reported that viewers are watching and listening to multiple media devices simultaneously.

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Consequently, advancing technology threatens to dampen demand for Bravia 3DTV. Therefore, it is crucial that Sony constantly monitor the media viewing environment to ensure that its 3DTV gains acceptance in the presence of other media devices.

Currently, transmissions of 3DTV are not permitted due to the intensity of radio traffic, so potential consumers of 3DTV may be deterred as they are unable to enjoy 3DTV to the extent that is possible. However, in January 1st analogue TV transmissions will cease ACMA, and this will spur broadcasting networks to increase Digital and 3D broadcasts to meet demand.

The number of consumers over the age of 65 increased from Environmental Increasing consumer concerns about the natural environment have the potential to drive Sony to incorporate green marketing into their brand image. With a larger availability of information available, society has become increasingly aware of the deterioration of the environment.

Gungor and Gupta suggest that firms can no longer ignore worldwide shortages of raw materials, increased levels of pollution and overflowing waste sites. Hence, it is imperative that Sony consider the materials, design, manufacturing, delivery and the end of life management of its products.

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Kim and Takenaka note that Sony was forced to halve the number of its suppliers over the past two years owing to rising procurement costs. As a result, rising TV panel supply costs have forced Sony to increase prices which have harmed its 3D sales volume.

Carr and Pearson provide evidence that strategically managed long term relationships with suppliers are positively correlated with financial performance. By doing so Sony advances the premium nature of their brand image as Faircloth, Capella, Alford mentions that retailers continue to build manufacturer and customer relationships based on mutual trust.

Industry The 3D TV industry is a new and rapidly expanding element of the entertainment experience.

Sony bravia marketing strategy

Consequently, Sony was forced to respond offering focusing on bundling services and warranties with products to segment the industry Lovelock, Partners Sony has partnered with Hollywood producers providing valuable insights into the advancements offered by 3D technology to cinematography.

Sony provided animators and with the skills to produce 3D films. A subscription to the Sony Entertainment Network offers channels with an extensive list of the current music and movies.

In addition to the range of applications, customers can access more than 50 content channels which are inclusive of sports, art, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Considering that the target market is inclusive of single makes aged between 25 and 35 along with married couples with children, it is important that the product is technologically advanced with the latest features and applications.

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On top of the pricing options of the actual product, Sony aims to compliment the price and sales of the 3D TV product with that of products within the 3D movies and gaming consoles range including that of the PlayStation 3. The target markets share a common characteristic of having disposable income.

This is required as the 3D TV market is still considered to be relatively new and the product is viewed as a luxury good with higher costs of production which are passed down to consumers. These prices are required to be reviewed on an ongoing basis whilst comparing it to the prices set by competitors as well as the changing nature of consumer sentiment.

Manufacturing of televisions are manufactured in Japan and are assembled with imported parts from Brazil, Spain, China and Malaysia Wikipedia,then they are transported to its square metre warehouse in Ersine Park, Sydney owned by the Excel Supply Chain Austrade, They are responsible for the storage, transportation and delivery of Sony goods in the Australian market.

Sony employs a selective distribution strategy in its sale of the Bravia 3D television. Among the various types of retailers are Sony, Discount retail stores such as Costco. Online retailers which include many of Sony Australia.

However, the product is not exactly align with the target market with the sale of televisions in discount retail stores such as Costco. Although, the product is at the decline stage of its life cycle and becoming more like a commodity product.

Hence, more accessible markets are being utilised to sell 3D televisions. Advertising for the product, is almost non-existent in mass-media such as television and newspapers. Sony has resorted to promotion tactics predominately consistent throughout its range of Bravia TV as the 3D feature of televisions is not a strong selling point anymore.ProAVL Asia - News and Features: ProAVL Asia - News and Features: News & Information.

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What is Event Marketing? Event marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting events.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec This analysis is intended to interpret and analyze the marketing strategy of Sony, Inc, television division.

The plan will evaluate the marketing strategy of .

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