Realian movement

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Realian movement

Follow TIME Saturday morning, Clonaid, a company founded by a religious group called Raelians, announced the birth of a second "cloned" baby, this time in Europe.

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Now the year-old University of Alabama at Huntsville doctoral student is a true believer and is even preparing to become a Raelian "guide," or priest. Formerly known as Claude Vorilhon, Rael reportedly claims to have been taken up in a spaceship by a 4-foot-tall, green-skinned, long-haired, oval-eyed alien who directed him to write a book revealing the identities of the aliens as the creators of human beings.

The aliens reportedly called him Rael. He spent "a few Realian movement analyzing it in detail" and questioning, a practice which is encouraged by the Raelian movement. Raelians call the extraterrestrial creators Elohim, a Biblical term, but the Rael movement is "an atheistic religion," with "no God, no supernatural," says Marsic.

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Even so, "we have a spiritual teaching. We believe in love and nonviolence and, as Raelians, we always try to improve ourselves, to raise our level of consciousness. We hope to contribute to make the earth a better place.

The universe, to Raelians, was always in existence and "there is life in infinity in different places Realian movement this universe.

The difference is that the Elohim have a "higher wisdom level. Significantly, Raelians see the Elohim as benevolent beings, devoid of aggression.

The question of aggression is addressed in Raelian philosophy, which holds that creatures who are so advanced that they can create life forms will have overcome war-like emotions that would eventually destroy civilizations. Aggression is caused by a form of emotional oppression, according to Marsic.

If human beings are better educated and allowed to "liberate themselves from their feelings of fear or being guilty," believe the Raelians who oppose war, they will not become aggressive or wish to dominate one another. Marsic says he knows little of Clonaid, except that it was founded by Rael.

He says he does not know the names of any investors or how the organization is funded. He believes that Raelian dues pay no salaries within the movement or in the company, but, instead, go toward advertising speakers on the Raelian movement or for operating educational booths, like the one open recently at a holistic expo in Atlanta.

It shows," Marsic says, "that we should not be afraid of science, but we should welcome science" like the world welcomes a newborn baby. Cloning a human baby is "not playing God," he says.

We are very progressive and we oppose all the traditions that make people feel guilty. As Raelians, we believe that science should not be stopped or should not be slowed down because science is what is helping mankind to progress.

But if it ever became a reality, human beings could live longer, perhaps eternally. When Rael wrote his message, he claimed that there only 8, individuals deemed worthy enough to live on this planet, Marsic says.

While it is believed that Mother Theresa and Gandhi have passed muster, most others will not be so lucky.

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The Raelians are neither secretive nor evangelical. They would, however, like to get the word out for the good of mankind, according to Marsic. They frequently send out press releases concerning their activities, but they have received little coverage compared to the recent interest that the Clonaid announcement aroused.

We need to help people question themselves and think of other possibilities. Even so, he knows of only four other Raelians in Alabama, only a handful in Georgia and none in Tennessee. He estimates that there are approximately 1, Raelians in the U.

Although the small Huntsville group does not schedule regular meetings, they do get together occasionally. Rigidity is not a Raelian characteristic.Raëlism (also known as Raëlianism or the Raëlian movement) is a UFO religion that was founded in by Claude Vorilhon (b.

Realian movement

), now known as Raël. The Raëlian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the New religious movement. The current official symbol of the Raelian Movement is a hexagram intertwined with a right-facing is a symbol that Rael saw on the Elohim spaceship.

Realian Movement Essay Sample. This essay will focus on the Raelian Movement. This movement was founded by Claude Vorilhon now called Rael. He is the prophet or spoke person for an Elohim, named Yahweh, the alien spoke person.

"The true knowledge of our creators, Elohim (God) in the Bible, Quran and other Holy Books is misrepresented truth, hence all the religious confusion on earth for s of years.

The movement gave vocal support in response to the company's support for genetically modified organisms particularly in their country. Brazilian farmers have been using Monsanto's genetically engineered soy plant as well as the glyphosate herbicide to which it was artificially adapted.

The movement claims to have about 40, members in several countries, although the number is difficult to verify. The sect, which believes humans were created by extra-terrestrial beings who had mastered genetic engineering, was founded in France in by a former journalist who worked for a racing car magazine.

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