Proofreading vs substantive editing services

There are many terms involved: Responsibility falls on the editor to make it clear what services they offer, and to price the services in relation to each other.

Proofreading vs substantive editing services

Because of this confusion, the copy editor will spend all of his or her time dissecting your document searching for grammar and spelling mistakes, instead of focusing on the organization of the content. It might help to think about substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading as different parts of the publishing process.

When a writer submits an unedited manuscript, the substantive editor will work with the author to reorganize the content. Then the manuscript is sent to the copy editor who needs to examine the document carefully, looking for issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.

Next, the document is sent to the designer who formats the text. Substantive Editing also known as Developmental Editing and Structural Editing The substantive editor works closely with the author.

Together they establish their goals for the project. They also have to discuss and identify the audience. It is important to flesh out these details at the beginning of the project so the editor and the writer are on the same page. They both need to understand the project in order to work together effectively.

Once the goals are outlined and the audience is identified, the substantive editor can help the author develop his or her story. It is up to substantive editors to help authors see the big picture, but it is important to note that they do not write or rewrite anything for the authors.

They advise them how best to rework their projects in order to deliver clear content. These editors specialize in examining the overall structure and can help with the organization of the content. They help authors fill in blanks and eliminate repetitions. They may suggest that the chapters be rearranged.

They are not concerned with grammar or spelling. Copy Editing Next, the manuscript goes to the copy editor who is primarily concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Copy editors ensure proper word usage and fix awkward phrasing, suggesting alternatives when needed.

Ultimately, the copy editor will ensure consistency and accuracy. Some projects require a heavy copy edit while others only need a light copy edit.

proofreading vs substantive editing services

If the writing is in pretty good shape, a light copy edit will suffice. Generally, copy editing will take more time than proofreading since it usually involves going over the text multiple times.

Proofreading Once the manuscript has been designed, the proofs are sent to the proofreader who will go over everything one last time. It is up to the proofreader to spot typographical and mechanical errors and any other mistakes that may have been missed by the copy editor.

proofreading vs substantive editing services

Once the document has been designed, the proofreader can also look for formatting issues, scrutinizing design and layout. This is the last opportunity to make changes to a document before it goes to print or gets posted on the Internetand while it might not take as long as copy editing, it is just as important!

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Once you have read this short post, you will never again be confused about the different content editing processes that go into copyediting, proofreading and substantive editing.

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Here it is: The view from 30, feet is substantive editing, the view from feet is copy editing, and the view from the ground is proofreading. A substantive editing service includes some degree of proofreading as well as improvement of the content.

The editors check the factual reliability, validity of the analysis, logical structure, formatting and quality of references used. Amanda Foley is a community manager at Government Digital Services in the UK, as well as a freelance writer and strategist for tech startups.

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