Problems and prospects of advertising

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Problems and prospects of advertising

This paper analysis the role of Network marketing or Direct selling in generating income and employment in Assam, a state situated in the North eastern part of India.

Direct Selling started operation in Assam during It is based on primary data, secondary data are also used whenever necessary, respondents have been selected from respective sample Companies.

This paper highlights the problem and prospects of Direct selling in Assam India. Results indicate that there is a positive relation between education and Distributors number; women do more business than male distributors, acceptance of Direct seller in the society and satisfaction of the distributors.

Problems faced by this Industry and Indian Government interventions to solve these problems. Network marketing, Direct selling, Self —employment, Income generation. Direct selling or Network marketing is a very familiar shopping media throughout the world.

It entered India in In this market retail shop or outlet is not required. People sell the products from their home only.


Therefore, this business is very popular among the women. Network marketing is the industry perceived as being low investment and high return. It employs a large number of people by using verbal communication and little advertising. Network marketing is the most modern, powerful, scientific, systematic, and cost-effective way of distributing products and services.

It is different from traditional marketing. The advantage of this business is that when one sells the product to oneself one earns a fraction of profit. Distributorship expands through the process of others joining in the system.

The distributor can sponsor someone as downlink distributor. Some kind of grooming disciple is found in this system. In normal business, anyone can take up any business. Such businessmen do not need sponsor or recommendation.

Problems and prospects of advertising

In Network Marketing shares of middlemen like the wholesaler, the retailer is not found.JIBC icon [Home] [Current Edition] [Compendium] [Forum] [Web Archive] [Email Archive] [Guestbook] [Subscribe] [Advertising Rates] ARRAY Logo Problems And Prospects Of Internet Marketing. Due to the rapid development of information technologies and market relations, Internet advertising is one of the most promising areas of the advertising market.

10% of all world advertising is placed on the Internet, so it is really important to observe such topic as problems and .

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Solution for problems and prospects of online advertising in Nigeria. Returning to the topic of banner blindness, it is impossible to eliminate this problem completely. However, we . PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF E-MARKETING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: Abstract: Lets start by defining what marketing is all about: Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.4/4(10).

an analysis of the problems and prospects of classified advertising in enugu metropolis ABSTRACT This study was carried at analyzing the effectiveness and problems of classified advertising in Enugu. However, not all prospects will be aware of the pain point they’re experiencing, which can make marketing to these individuals difficult as you effectively have to help your prospects realize they have a problem and convince them that your product or service will help solve it.

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