Personal development for strategic managers

Before an organization can choose a strategy, it will need: The statement of organizational purpose usually describes products, markets and technology. To achieve its fundamental purpose, an organization needs to specify its available means. This part of the statement should be made so that the organization is able to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Personal development for strategic managers

Smart Track Business Courses at Ashford University The starting point for business students hoping to advance in competitive and constantly evolving industries. These classes cover a variety of topics that can be applied to nearly every career field. BUS Introduction to Personnel Administration 3 Credits This course examines relationships and issues in personnel administration within a broad range of organizations.

Topics to be discussed include communication, motivation, and management of personnel.

Personal development for strategic managers

Fulfillment of Quantitative Reasoning Core Competency. BUS The Social Responsibility of Organization 3 Credits The course is designed to provide students with insights into the complex environment that organizations of any size operate. Modern managers and leaders face increasing demands in local, regional, national and global environments with competing value expectations.

The values and beliefs of organizational members fundamentally impact the success of the organization. In this course, students will gain appreciation for and understanding of social responsibility of the organization under such conditions. BUS Principles of Marketing 3 Credits The methods used by producers of goods and services to determine and satisfy the wants of society.

BUS Consumer Behavior This course illustrates the psychological, socio-cultural, and decision-making aspects of consumer behavior.

Particular emphasis is on the integration of key elements of the marketing communication mix e. Students will also learn how different types of media are employed in IMC. BUS e-Business 3 Credits An introduction to the fundamental concepts used in e-business and e-commerce.

BUS International Business 3 Credits Students examine functional areas of business from an international perspective. Entrepreneurship encompasses imagining the unknown, taking inspired action, and embracing uncertainty to create a new future.

It involves the identification, evaluation, and exploitation of opportunities to address challenges and to solve problems.

Students will learn how to use imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to bring new ideas to fruition that inspire others.

Students will create a feasible blueprint for a venture opportunity idea of their own. This course will be the beginning of the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. BUS Principles of Finance 3 Credits Basic corporate finance is presented with the emphasis on risk and return, bond and equity markets,valuation of bonds and equities, present value analysis, internal rate of return analysis, and project analysis using the weighted average cost of capital.

Personal development for strategic managers

Equivalent to BUS The course includes environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. This course must be taken last in the program. BUS Digital Marketing Essentials 3 Credits This course is designed to provide the theoretical understanding of the internet marketplace necessary to adapt to its many changes, while also equipping the students with the skills they will need to perform vital functions of internet marketing.

Students are expected to apply and integrate a variety of skills, tools, and knowledge to assess real-world problems offering realistic solutions. Students will analyze, design, implement, and document an appropriate solution for a capstone project.

BUS Sustainable Business Practices 3 Credits Using readings and cases, students examine business strategies in response to and anticipation of opportunities resulting from shifting economic, political, and environmental conditions including social change, market failures, or interruption of business operations.

Compliance and risk management strategies will be emphasized while emphasis focuses on business innovation and business sustainability. BUS Finance Seminar 3 Credits Using readings and case studies, students gain understanding the types of analysis performed and decisions made by the financial managers of corporations, focusing on valuation concepts and managing for value.

BUS New Business Strategy 3 Credits This course is intended to provide prospective entrepreneurs with information and tools for evaluating opportunities for starting a new firm—how to choose markets for entry, when to enter, and what resources and capabilities it will take to enter and provide a platform for future growth.

Benefit programs and related employee incentive and service programs are also covered. BUS Small Business Ventures 3 Credits This course explores the strategic planning, operating, financing, legal, career and other business issues found in launching a small business or operating family-owned and managed companies or privately-held firms.Personal Development Planning Employers are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in their staff and often have structures and processes in place to provide opportunities for the training and development of their employees.

ETI: Strategic Leadership Development Toolkit 4 Leadership succession planning is an ongoing practice based on defining an organization’s strategic vision. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR STRATEGIC MANAGERS Introduction to APD: Advanced professional development (APD) helps a person to develop certain skills which will be useful in achieving personal, professional and organizational goals and objectives.

What are your personal priorities for your intranet and how do they influence its development?

Introduction to Professional Development for Strategic Managers

Your daily activities demonstrate your approach more than any strategy document. Wedge Black, @Wedge, helps organisations improve the navigation and content of their intranet, and writes about intranet best practices for ClearBox Consulting.

Here he looks at the topic of tactical vs strategic. Sales & Sales Management Development. The exceptional salesperson keeps a good balance between meeting the needs of their clients (consultative) and advancing the business of their own organization (strategic).

The report highlights literature regarding specific aspects of achieving success in the role of strategic manager, supplemented by a forthright self-analysis of skills development and capabilities in order to determine strengths versus weaknesses in priority aspects of skills associated with strategic .

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