Jaguars passage to india

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Jaguars passage to india

A seated Olmec were-jaguar statue.

Jaguars passage to india

This would indicate death alright, but below the cartouche is added onto by two breath scrolls on each side of an intricate sacrificial blade. These breath or speak scrolls indicate that the person in question has expressed that he feels as though he is "dead" spiritually and wishes to make a self-sacrifice.

This indicates penitence, or repentance. Therefore, though the person is "dead" spiritually he has heard and accepted repentance. Therefore, 1A and 1B together would read extremely similar to your hieroglyphic translation. The person in question is considered to be incomplete until he accepts the priesthood.

The part to the right is a dorsal fish fin. I don't have any notes in front of me but I believe it is Stela 1 of Izapa which shows that Quetzalcoatl "fishes" for all types of Jaguars passage to india men.

This stela also implicates that the dorsal fish fin is associated with priesthood. Here we can see the fish fin "hatching" from an "egg? I can't understand, but your rendering would seem to be correct.

He is now at rest because he is complete. Painted black with traces of cinnabar. The translation of the Mayan side of this bilingual brick from Comalcalco, and other inscribed bricks from the site, indicates that it was probably a Mayan college where scribes learned Mayan writing and possibly pyramid construction.

The Site of Comalcalco

The bilingual text on T R16 also indicates that the Mayan scribes had to learn how to write Olmec inscriptions and translate them into the Mayan language. The fact that the Olmec inscriptions were defaced suggests that the scribes first wrote a piece in Olmec and then wrote the same inscription in the Mayan language s they studied.

A drawing of T R16 is below. If you look carefully you can see two Olmec signs written vertically. Drawing of the inscriptions on Comalcalco brick T R Author provided Reading from top to bottom, one sees the signs Ma yo.

These signs appear to indicate a grade or comment on the brick, probably made by the instructor. This supports the view that Comalcalco was a college where Mayan initiates entering the priesthood and scribal classes learned how to write Mayan hieroglyphics.

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Stross mentions a Mayan belief in the foreign origin of Mayan writing. This idea is confirmed by Mayan oral tradition, Tozzerand C. Brownwho claimed that writing did not exist among the Proto-Maya.

Terrence Kaufman has proposed that the Olmec spoke a Mexe-Zoquean speech, however this view fails to match the epigraphic evidence. There is a clear African substratum for the origin of Maya writing Wiener, Mayan Terms for Writing. This was years after the breakup of the Proto-Maya Brown, Landa's claims about the origin of Mayan writing support the linguistic evidence Tozzer, Landa noted that the Yucatec Maya said they learned writing from a group of foreigners called Tutul Xiu, from Nonoulco Tozzer, A map of the Olmec heartland.

The yellow sites are known Olmec villages and towns. The smaller red dots mark locations where artifacts or art have been found unassociated with habitation. The term Tutul Xiu can be translated with Manding:This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category What Are You Doing.

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