Career goals essay scientist

More than a quarter of men feel the same way.

Career goals essay scientist

People seek careers in science or engineering for many reasons. Some have specific goals: Some choose careers in science or engineering because they are curious about the natural world.

Others are motivated by the excitement and beauty of the intellectual world and hope to formulate theories that will lead to new ways of thinking about the world. Still others imagine educating people about science or engineering in schools or through the media; they want to provide counsel or shape public policies on issues of direct relevance to science or engineering.

Each of these motivations is legitimate, each is valuable, and each flows naturally from an education in science and engineering. Careers in Science and Engineering: Career goals essay scientist National Academies Press.

Career goals essay scientist

She thinks she wants to teach it—either at the high-school or community-college level. Given her goal, should Ellie aim for graduate study? See Appendix A for a discussion of this scenario. In fact, degrees in science and engineering are becoming as fundamental to modern life as the traditional liberal-arts degree.

The contributions of scientists and engineers already extend beyond research and development and throughout the realms of teaching, business, industry, and government. They are forming global communities of common interests that transcend the differences among individuals, corporate endeavors, or nations.

But if you are contemplating a career in science or engineering, how can you begin your planning most effectively? If you are an undergraduate or beginning graduate student—the groups for whom this guide is primarily de- Page 3 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Get to be a Patent Lawyer?

Rochelle Karen Seide, who was trained as a biologist, now enjoys a rewarding career as a patent attorney specializing in biotechnology.

After beginning her studies in bacteriology and earning a PhD in human genetics, she completed her schooling with a law degree. This seemingly radical career change, she says, came naturally enough—as an extension of her inborn "people" skills.

I liked the interpersonal aspects of my work as well as the science. Patent practice lets me use them both. In her specialty of intellectual-property law, she spends much of her time in litigation and counseling: Does a new biotechnology process or product merit a patent?

Can a client expect good protection for the life of the patent? To answer such questions, she must understand the cutting-edge research that her clients are doing.

She could not do this without her expertise in—and love for—science. Page 4 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Seide feels that it was important to focus on science for its own sake while working toward her PhD. I have found how exciting it is to learn from people in other disciplines and to look at science from other perspectives.

It is important to remember that science-oriented students are not all alike, any more than all artists or all politicians are alike.

Your success will depend on going where your particular interests lead you. Are you exhilarated by the challenge of a new problem or puzzle or need?

Does the complexity of the natural world prompt a desire to understand it? If so, science and engineering study—rigorous though it is—will provide you with the tools and concepts that you need to achieve your goals.

Your own goals will determine which academic degree is most appropriate for you. No degree guarantees lifetime employment.

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Like professionals in other fields, you might still have to change jobs and even careers during your life—perhaps more than once. It is the purpose of this guide to help you lay the foundation for your journey, no matter how many turns your path takes.

Just how rigorous is the path to a scientific or engineering career? Graduate study, in particular, is demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not everyone has the perseverance to complete years of concentrated study. But the experience of doing scientific or technical work is supremely exhilarating for those with sufficient interest and determination.Alright, Matt, I’ve given it plenty of thought.

I think that if you’re aware of your other general areas, the chances are good you will come up with actions that relate to other goals . Career counseling takes into consideration character development, character skills, life roles, individual life and work history, goals, and obstacles.

A career counselor not only assists a client with a career plan, but also with a life plan. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 75, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

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The career statement may serve as an effective way for assessing current career achievements and the means one should take for accomplishing her career objectives. In fact, the career statement is a short and crisp essay that clearly presents the career vision of a professional for making an effective career planning.

Sample Career Goals, List of Career Objectives and Goals. Here is an example list of some basic career goals that an employee should think about and keep in mind: Growth in Resources Change is the only constant, be it in everyday life or in a profession.

With the change and growth in business, it is only natural that one would have to. When you go into a professional interview, you are likely to encounter a range of questions that will be both predictable and surprising.

Career goals essay scientist

One of the most common questions is, “What are your long range career objectives” A hiring manager will ask this to determine if you are likely to stay with the company in the future.

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