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The administrator audit log records specific actions, based on Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets, performed by administrators and users who have been assigned administrative privileges. Entries in the administrator audit log provide you with information about what cmdlet was run, which parameters were used, who ran the cmdlet, and what objects were affected. Note Administrator auditing logging is enabled by default. When an entry is older than 90 days, it's deleted.

Audit contents

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. We respect your privacy. Rebecca Lieb on February 16, at 3: Why perform a content audit, which admittedly is a painstaking and exacting exercise?

First and foremost, an audit helps determine if digital content is relevant, both to customer needs and to the goals of the organization. Is content accurate and consistent? Does it speak in the voice of the organization?

Audit contents

Is it optimized for search? Are tools and software, such as the content management system CMS up to the task of handling it? Organize this information in outline form, i.

Content strategist Kristina Halvorson recommends assigning a unique number to each section, sub-section and page e. This can help tremendously in assigning particular pieces of content to the appropriate site section.

Some content strategists also color-code different sections on spreadsheets. It gets down to a matter of personal preference, as well as the size and scale of the audit in question.

Is it created in-house? If so, by whom? Is it outsourced third-party content, RSS feeds, blog entries, articles from periodicals? The resulting document is a content inventory. This will essentially involve digging into the quality of the content.

What subjects and topics does content address? In other words, is the content topical? As mentioned above, localities, employees, pricing, industry data and statistics and other information change over time. This means, for example, that calls-to-action must be clear, but not so overwhelming that they get in the way of the user experience.

The content audit grades content on its ability to achieve both of these goals while staying in balance.

This is where web analytics comes into play. What types of content — and what pages in particular — are the most and least popular on the site in question?

Where do users spend time, and where do they go when they leave? Are they taking desired actions on a page?

Content Auditing: the Basics — SitePoint

What search keywords and phrases bring them to the site? Is It Clean And Professional?Audit report format. The key deliverable from your web accessibility audit will be a report.

The report should record the findings of the audit and recommend actions to .


Chapter 6 Incurred Cost Table of Contents - Incurred Cost Audit Procedures Scope of Chapter Section 1- Introduction to Incurred Cost Audit Objectives. audit results Third party payments are an alternative payment method for cash and an effective tool for reducing cash held by federal agencies.

A third party payment is a negotiable instrument which does not immediately .

Audit contents

Changes to legislation: There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to Audit Commission Act Those changes will be listed when you open the content using the Table of Contents below.

the united republic of tanzania national audit office general report on the performance and specialised audits for the period ending 31st march, Contents of an Audit Log Event. The following explains the contents of a log event.

The table does not include request headers that are .

Public Audit (Wales) Act