A story about a telephone call which change your life

North American Numbering Plan In the late s, the Bell interests started utilizing their patent with a rental scheme, in which they would rent their instruments to individual users who would contract with other suppliers to connect them; for example from home to office to factory. Western Union and the Bell company both soon realized that a subscription service would be more profitable, with the invention of the telephone switchboard or central office. Such an office was staffed by an operator who connected the calls by personal names.

A story about a telephone call which change your life

But now there is a new threat: I have three reports to share that illustrate just how bad this situation has gotten — and it can be hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. The first story comes from Hannibal, Missouri.

A woman is crediting her Bullmastiff dog, Gage, with preventing a break-in at her Hannibal home. The woman realized someone was trying to break into her house later Tuesday morning when she noticed the screen had been removed from her front window.

Why She Points to the Phone Caller The woman suspects the break-in attempt stems from a phone call she received about two weeks ago. A person identifying himself as a representative of ADT Security Services called offering to install a system for free if an ADT sign could be placed in her yard.

The man asked for some general information as he claimed to be running a credit check. A representative of ADT told the woman Tuesday that the company would not be making phone inquiries such as the one she received, nor would it install a system at no charge.

The attempted break-in and apparent scam were reported to the Hannibal police.


They are using a written agreement to apparently gain personal information from homeowners. When Securewatch is researched by computer, several sites come up in reference to scam issues.

Here the case is clouded by the fact that the company in question is an ADT authorized dealer that does sell door-to-door.

Many of these dealers do just that, and they can be pushy — but they should all have proper identification. The real question is, how is a homeowner to know if the person at the door is a potential burglar or not?

If they are selling some other product vacuums, encyclopedias, etc. When these burglars pretend to be alarm sales people, they can extract valuable information that makes it easier to break in when they come back. In fact, ADT has not considered safer cellular monitoring a priority, and smarter interactive monitoring like that already offered by FrontPoint including video, home automation, and mobile apps is a newer service for ADT.

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A story about a telephone call which change your life

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Telephone - This American Life